Decent Fishing on the Rogue

This isn’t a first hand report, but coming from my dad and two roommates it’s definitely reliable.

Location: Rogue River

Date: 9/1/10

My dad and two roommates went fishing from the bank for some fall chinook salmon on the middle Rogue below Grants Pass yesterday. My dad went during the middle of the day and only fished for a couple of hours. He went 1-1 landing a nice buck around 25lbs. There were only a handful of other people fishing, and a few other fish hooked.

My roommates fished the early evening and had about the same success. One of them went 1-1 with a chrome 20lb buck while the other one didn’t hook anything. They also said that there was just a handful of people fishing and only a few hooked.

They were all using the standard drift rig used from the bank on the Rogue River with various colors of corkies and yarn. Overall it sounds like there are a few fish around, but the fishing definitely isn’t hot. However, the fish that are being caught are still chrome and cutting very well.

My dad’s 25lber

My roommates 20lber

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