Got one Today

Location: Rogue River
Date: 9/11/10

I was finally able to get out today and hit the middle Rogue for some fall chinook. The water was a little high and very turbid, but it still didn’t take me long to hook into my first fish. After a few minutes I had a nice 20lb hen on the bank. I ended up hooking a couple other fish through the morning, but wasn’t able to keep anything on for very long. After a long morning of fishing I ended up going 1-3. Drift fishing bright colors was the ticket today. Overall the fishing was very slow for everyone. There was only one boat that I talked to that had fish, and only one other bankie that caught one. However, there was a lot of fish rolling so look for the fishing to be very good as soon as the river clears a bit.

Now for some pictures. Both are of the same fish:

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