Blown Out

The storm that passed through yesterday has left its mark. The entire river has risen and become muddy. That makes the only fishable area the section above the Hwy 62 bridge. Don’t expect to find solitude if you do go though. With it being the only shot at steelhead expect a crowd, but also expect fish to be caught.

I was up there yesterday for just a little while, and although the water looked good I didn’t have any luck. I also didn’t see any caught by the other half dozen people around me, but did hear of some caught in a lower hole.

Here’s a look at the river so you can have an idea of what to expect:

A look down river from the Hwy 62 bridge yesterday at noon.
Looking upriver from my backyard in Rogue River this morning.

Depending on how much more rain we get, expect the river to fish hopefully by mid-week. The upper stretches and the Applegate will fish in a day or two though.

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