Expo Ponds Getting Stocked

If you’re having the fishing blues because of the rivers being blown out, the Expo Ponds can be a great place to feel something tug on the end of your line. They were just stocked this week with 1400 trout which bite very aggressively. Most of the fish are stocked into the pond that runs along the fairground road, although the pond closest to the parking lot has a few trout in it as well. They will bite just about anything thrown at them. Try small spinners, powerbait, worms, or flies to consistently get into fish. My favorite thing to do is walk along the bank casting a small Panther Martin spinner until I find the school, and then toss powerbait under a bobber to them.

This is a great place to get kids into fishing. The action is usually fast paced, and there are a few of the large trout from the Sportsmens show swimming around as well. Good luck out there and tight lines.

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