Expo Ponds

Location: Expo Ponds
Date: 3/8/11

With the river still high and muddy I decided to give trout a shot today. My girlfriend and I got out there around 12, and it didn’t take long for us to hook up. However, we either never found the large school or they just weren’t on the bite today. We tossed spinners and tried some powerbait, and only managed a few on the spinners. Even though it was slow it was still nice to get out, and the girlfriend ended up out fishing me by a 2:1 margin. There was 3 other guys out there as well, and we never saw them hook a single fish.

Now for the pics:

9 thoughts on “Expo Ponds

  1. Ahhh well there is plenty of time later in the year to hook some, though I am sure you feel glad you caught at least a few unlike those other poor shmucks

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