Lings are In; Rivers are Out

With it being an extremely wet March, and another big rainstorm hitting us last night I won’t be getting out any time soon. So instead I’ve got an older report that I never posted.

Location: Brookings
Date: 2/12/11

When my girlfriend and I last visited Brookings in August we went out fishing with Tidewind Charters for rockfish and lingcod, and had an amazing time. So when we went back to Brookings for Valentines Day we decided to take another trip. We got pretty lucky as it was the first weekend of trips for the year for them.

Sunrise as we were heading out on the Super Star

Fishing overall was much tougher than when we were there in August, however there were more Lingcod around. The captain did end up limiting out the boat, but it took until 1:00 pm with some small fish in the mix. There were 7 lings caught between 14 people though, and a couple of cabezon as well. My girlfriend and I fared pretty well. She caught a nice ling and a monster black rockfish, while I caught a nice cabezon. The riggings that we used were 2 2″ curly tail grubs with a 1ounce lead head jig at the bottom tipped with a piece of rockfish.

Jacque’s giant Black Rockfish

Fishing should have only gotten better by now as the lingcod are in shallow for spawning. The only problem is getting out with the rough ocean caused by all the recent storms we’ve had. If you’re wanting to book your own trip with Tidewind Charters you may want to give them a call. In my tsunami post I have a video of the Super Star being ripped out to sea. They haven’t updated their site recently so I don’t know if the boat was ever recovered.

River Update 3/16/11:

With yesterday’s rainstorm the Rogue has risen almost 2ft at Gold Ray which makes an already high river even higher. It also went from being a milky green color to chocolate brown. With rain showers predicted all week, don’t plan any fishing trips unless you’re heading up by the hatchery. As the river starts to slowly drop look for that upper stretch to fish very well as the steelhead will be on the move. When the river does drop back into shape there may still be a few winter steelhead in the Grants Pass/ Gold Hill area, but most of the fish will be in the upper river. There will be a few springers getting caught in the middle section, and we may hear the first report of one caught in the upper river.

The Applegate may be done for the year before it ever got good. Usually the fishing is peaking right about now, but with flows at 3240cfs at Wilderville it won’t be fishable for awhile. Fishing is usually best when flows are between 1000 and 600cfs, but it is fishable when it gets down to around 1400cfs.The upper river will be fishable as long as they don’t increase outflows from the dam too much, and look for fish to be spread out through the entire system with the high water. Also, remember that the Applegate closes on March 31st so you better hit it soon if you want to fish it.

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