Skunked Again, but got a New Sponsor

Another day, and another day with out fish. I still can’t seem to shake this no fish streak. It is my first year targeting winter steelhead, but with having summers and springer down I thought I would have had at least 1 fish to the bank by now. The reports from the upper Rogue have been excellent the last two days, but that still didn’t help me today. I was drift fishing some XFactor Tackle egg clusters, and also throwing spoons and spinners without a bite.

XFactor Egg Cluster rigged up for drift fishing

There were fish caught up there today though. Shane over on Blazer Shane’s Blog has been on fire the last couple of days. He caught another limit today fishing plugs with a guide.

New Sponsor

On a brighter note I’ve recently become part of the XFactor Tackle Pro Staff Team. They are a local company located here in Grants Pass, OR. Their products include the previously mentioned egg clusters, as well as plastic worms, Matzuo Sickle Hooks, and jigs.

Their egg clusters come in 3 sizes and multiple colors, and make excellent steelhead and salmon baits. They are also injected with a shrimp scent that will last through a day of fishing. I fished them today on the Rogue, and after a couple of hours of fishing them they still smelled just like they did when I pulled them out of the bag. They are excellent either drift fished (like shown above) or rigged up under a bobber.

The 3 sizes of egg clusters
XFactor Steelhead Slayer worms

If you’re looking for a great bait and want to support a local company check them out. Their also on facebook: XFactor Tackle Facebook

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