Slow on the Upper Rogue

Location: Upper Rogue
Date: 3/13/11

Yesterday the middle Rogue and Applegate were still on the high side, so I decided to head up by Cole Rivers Hatchery on the Upper Rogue. With most of the river still being high and flows out of Lost Creek Reservior hovering around 1950 cfs I was thinking that the fish should be on the move. I also saw a few reports of fish being caught on Saturday so my hopes were high for getting into some fish. However, after fishing all morning I hadn’t touched a single fish, and didn’t see or hear of anyone else catching any. It could very well have been that the fish were just off the bite because of the barometric pressure dropping with the severe lightning storm that moved in during the afternoon. That storm also caused the river to rise and muddy up again, so look for the middle and lower river to still be unfishable for awhile. Hopefully this week we can have some clear skies to get it back into shape as the springers will be up this way very soon.

Update of the Blog:

On a side note: As most of you have already noticed I’ve updated the blog a little. I’ve made it more visually appealing, easier to navigate, and added a new separate page at the top for the river gauges. I’ve also made it possible to search through my old reports by location, species, or month. Hope you all enjoy the changes

18 thoughts on “Slow on the Upper Rogue

  1. Haha I did not see your old blog, but youve got a new follower and supporter!
    Just judging this post I would like to see some of your photo’s mate! just for the extra ”visual appeal” 😉
    But then again, im just new here 😀 have a great day!

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