Tsunami Hits Home

Most everyone has already heard about the earthquake and following tsunami that struck Japan today. However, there hasn’t been much news about the affects here in the Northwest. Overall much of the northwest wasn’t greatly affected. However Brookings, Or and Crecent City, CA were hit pretty hard. Both cities had massive damage to their harbors, and the boats with in them. Here are a couple of videos shot in Brookings today:

In the first video you can see the charter boat “Super Star” from Tidewind Charters floating out to sea. My girlfriend and I were just out on that boat a month ago. Its amazing to witness this happening.

My prayers go out to everyone affected by it.

16 thoughts on “Tsunami Hits Home

  1. I just never realise how destructive a wave can be…the pics on TV always look a little unreal….and then a whole house drifts past

  2. I saw the videos of the destruction, particulary in Japan, today countless times. Each time, I was amazed at how destructive nature can be.

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