Weekend Warrior

Having weekends off does have its downfalls especially when it comes to fishing. I hear reports all week of people fishing by themselves and being able to pick fish up by hitting all the best holes. When the weekend comes around and I’m finally able to get out that all changes though.

My plan for yesterday was to start up at the hatchery on the upper Rogue and then fish my way down to the HWY 62 bridge. That all changed when I got up there and saw around 20 people lining the bank below the deadline.

Luckily my second option of hitting the sandy bottom hole was open so I started there. After a couple hours of tossing spoons and drift fishing the hole by myself, I had a few people join me. Since I hadn’t had a single hit I decided to head off downstream and try another hole. I had one hit on a spinner in this next hole, but the hooks didn’t stick. Unfortunately that was my only hit for the entire day. I never saw a single person hook up with a fish, but talked to a boat that had one, and another guy that said he had seen 5 hooked since 7 that morning.

On the bright side there are some fish around, and if you can get out during the week you’ll have a lot better shot at them. Shane of Blazer Shane’s Blog has been getting into a few this week. He picked up these fish on Friday while fishing with a guide:

Look for fishing to stay decent all the way through April. If this rain ever stops, and lets the river drop, fishing will be excellent from the hatchery all the way down to Tou Velle State Park. Springers should start being caught in the middle river even if the river is still high.

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  1. haha its way cool seeing me on another blog! 😀 thanks again bro

    Saturday i plan on being the first one on the dead line at the hatchery if u want to meet up there let me know!

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