Wishin I was Fishin

With the rivers close to me still being blown out I’m sitting at home doing more wishing than fishing. The upper Rogue and upper Applegate should be fishing well right now, but work is interfering with that for me. Hopefully the lower Applegate will be in decent shape so that I can get out for an hour or two before work tomorrow. The middle and lower Rogue will hopefully pull into shape by the end of the week as long as we don’t have any hard rains. When the lower river does pull into shape look for the springer fishing to be on fire. The reports from before the river blew out were looking good. TH posted this report over on ifish.net and here are the pictures from his report:

The middle Rogue should also hopefully have a few springers around, and the steelhead fishing will be peaking. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a good report in the next few days. Until then here I am wishin I was fishin.

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