First Upper Rogue Springer

The first upper Rogue springer was confirmed last week, and there have been a few caught since then.  Having the day off I decided to give it a shot myself and see if I couldn’t get lucky.

The day started off pretty good. I brought my friend Jon along and it didn’t take him very long to tie into his very first steelhead ever.

He followed that one up shortly after with his second steelhead ever. A nice wild buck that he released.

At this point I was starting to doubt my own fishing skills as I haven’t landed one all season, but at the same time is was nice to get one of my friends into their first (and second) fish. After a little while longer I was finally payed back in a big way. When I hooked the fish I knew right away that it felt too big to be a steelhead, but it wasn’t until it came up to the top and saw it that I knew I had hooked an early springer. It was a big chrome fish that put up quite a fight, and finally tired out and came to hand.
It went about 20lbs, but also had an adipose fin so it wasn’t legal to keep. We were fishing at the hatchery so it was almost certainly an unclipped hatchery fish, but it still had to be released.
Overall it was a very good day. Combined we went 2-4 on steelhead and I got an early springer. There was also a smaller hatchery springer caught and a whole bunch of steelhead. The springer fishing will only get better from here on out, and hopefully the middle river will come into shape so I won’t have to travel as far to get into them.
Tight Lines….

2 thoughts on “First Upper Rogue Springer

  1. @Anon: That’s Cole Rivers Hatchery on the Upper Rogue. I’ve never fished the area down around Indian Mary for springers, but have for fall fish. I know that people do fish down there though, and believe it’s mostly anchoring with kwik fish in the travel lanes. If you’re from the bank plunking spin glows or kwiks in the travel lanes as well.

    The water is still very high and won’t be coming down for awhile, but visibility is getting better. You should have a shot at getting into one.

  2. Nice fish! What hatchery are you fishing at here? I’m heading down soon from WA to fish the rogue. How are the areas around Indian Mary Park doing with catching springers?


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