Southern Oregon Fishing Report 4/14/11

It’s been a slow week for me for fishing. I gave Hayes Falls a quick shot for some springers the other day with no luck, but luckily I’ve kept my ear pretty low to the ground and have some reports for all of you.

Best bet for the week: Upper Rogue steelhead, or any of the local stocked lakes and ponds for trout.

Salmon and Steelhead:

Upper Rogue – Fishing for winter steelhead continues to be pretty good while there’s a rumor that the first springer was caught at the hatchery yesterday morning. Lots of fish are being caught from the hatchery all the way down to Shady Cove.  The hot baits have been pulling plugs, and side drifting yarn balls or egg clusters like the ones from XFactor Tackle.  The fishing should stay good for the rest of the month before starting to taper off in May. Also with the flows dropping drifts such as Dodge Bridge to Tou Velle become fishable and should produce good steelhead fishing as well as giving you a shot at an early springer.

Here’s a video from Phil Trip of YGA Lords of the Stream from 4/11. They were fishing the upper Rogue for winter steelhead:

Middle Rogue – Fishing has been slow due to the high water. Flows are finally starting to get fishable, however, NOAA is predicting a big jump back up starting tomorrow morning. If the river doesn’t jump back up look for some springers to start being caught. If it rises as predicted it will be another week before we see fishable conditions.

Lower Rogue – Fishing for springers has been hot when conditions allow it. Even when the river is high down at Agness it is still fishable as long as there is some visability. The main condition to watch though is the temperature. When it starts to get to 50 degrees or higher the bite really turns on, below that it is generally pretty slow. Fish the inside turns of gravel bars with an anchovy for your best shot at getting into fish.


Your best resource right now is the Trout Stocking Schedule by ODFW. The week following a stocking it is generally on fire. This week Lost Creek Lake and Lake Selmac were both stocked on the 11th and fishing should be very good. Next week on the 18th a whole slew of other local ponds and lakes are also getting stocked. Fish power bait on the bottom, throw spinners or troll wedding rings with a worm to get into lots of trout.

Fishing for redbands over in the Klamath area has also been very good lately. Sherry Booth has been sharing some pictures on the Facebook page of some large ones they have been getting into. If you’d like to target larger trout instead of the dinky stockers we’ve got here in the valley the Klamath is worth the drive.

A large redband shared by Sherry Booth

The high lakes are also opening on the 23rd for trout. This includes lakes such as Howard Praire, Hyatt Lake, and Diamond Lake. Diamond Lake will still have a lot of ice on it, but the other lakes should fish extremely well.

Bass and Panfish:

The bite has finally started to pick up. I have been hearing reports from all over the valley of bass being caught. Fish have generally been in shallow and close to structure. All of our local lakes and ponds are producing fish so you just got to get out there if you want to get into some.

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Tight lines everyone…..

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