Springer Fever

Lately I’ve had springer fever bad. I’ve pretty much been foaming at the mouth waiting for the river to drop and clear enough to be able to get out and try for an early Rogue springer. Monday night I had hopes of getting up the next morning and giving it a shot at my favorite spot in Gold Hill. However, that night some showers had also moved in, but I still held out hope that they wouldn’t do much to the river. When I woke up yesterday morning and looked out my window all looked good. It wasn’t until I got on the computer, and looked at the river gauge, that I realized mother nature had crushed my dreams of hooking up with some early chrome. I sat on my deck and watched as the river went from high but very fishable, to a chocolate mess all before I had to leave for work.

There is a bright side however. Monday lots of reports came in from the lower Rogue of springers being caught. It sounded like boats were averaging about 2 fish per boat, and bankies were also picking up fish. They also reported lots of fish moving through. This is a good sign for the run, and hopefully we’ll finally see a run that’s more normal sized.

A nice hatchery springer caught Monday by guide Andy Martin on the lower Rogue

There were also the first rumors of springers being hooked in the upper Rogue. All the rumors had people losing fish so there’s no conformation of them just yet. However, there definitely should be a fish or two up there now. All the high water this year should have drawn the fish upriver fast, so I would expect to see the first confirmed catch sometime this week.

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