Upper Rogue Weekend, and some New Videos

Location: Upper Rogue River

Date: 4/8/11 & 4/9/11

Friday and Saturday I hit the upper Rogue pretty hard. Originally Friday I had springers on the mind and was mainly targetting them. After a few hours of not even one sign of springers up that high yet I finally switched over to try for some steelhead. It didn’t take long until I hooked one, but it came unbuttoned after a pretty short fight. That was my only fish for the day, but I did see a few others caught. I also heard that after I left the bite really turned on…that figures.

Saturday was more of the same. I didn’t have as long to fish and came home empty handed again. There is definitely plenty of steelhead up there, but I’m not having any luck for them. Luckily the middle river is finally coming into shape, and hopefully I’ll be able to get out for springers this week a little closer to home. There still haven’t been any comfirmed springers caught in the upper river, but that will probably change this week as the river drops and warms up.

New Videos 

Charlie “Steelhead” Brown of http://fishingtherogue.com/ guide service has been on fire for steelhead on the upper Rogue this year. I’ll be including some of his videos in my video section so check them out.

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