I’m Still Here & NFBW

Happy Friday the 13th everyone, and sorry for not posting recently. Between work, fishing, and Blogger being down the last couple days I haven’t had much time to write. 
Fishing has still been picking up around the valley. Trout fishing remains very good, salmon fishing in the middle and upper river has been picking up, there’s still plenty of late steelhead in the upper Rogue, and bass are starting to bed. It really is a pick your pleasure time.  To really show that off here’s a few pictures from my friends:
Adam with his second salmon of the year caught on the upper Rogue.
Colby Pearson with an 8lb largmouth bass out of a local pond/lake
Shane of Blazer Shane’s Blog with his first salmon ever caught with Fishingtherogue.com
My dad with a late upper Rogue Steelhead caught yesterday

On another note National Fishing and Boating Week is coming up at the start of next month. This week includes free fishing weekend which here in Oregon is the 11th and 12th. There are many different events going on throughout the Rogue Valley. It’s a great time to take a kid, or friend out and get them into this great sport. There will be plenty of trout and bass available at local lakes and ponds. You also won’t need a catch record card for salmon and steelhead so it’s a great time to get someone (or yourself) into their first salmon.  The springer run will be peaking during that week so it’s a great time to get out and give it a try. I will probably be out there myself chasing that elusive chrome.

Starting tomorrow I’ve got a week off from work so hopefully I’ll have plenty of reports and pictures to share with you all.
Tight Lines….

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