In Search of Chrome

With today off and the girlfriend working all day I decided I should get out and try my luck for some spring chrome. I headed up high on the upper Rogue to see if I could get into another early springer or two. When I got up there it was surprisingly not very crowed for the weekend, and my favorite spot was open.

I fished for a couple hours without touching anything or seeing any one else hook anything. With the whole day to spend up there I kept my hopes up though, and seeing a few fish roll every now and then helped as well. I also talked to a guy who said that yesterday (Saturday) there were a few springers hooked, so I knew there should be at least one fish in the hole.

It wasn’t until around 1 that I finally hooked up. It fought hard, but didn’t quite have the power that an early springer should. I kept my hopes up that it may still be chrome until I finally got it close and could see the green and red of a nice sized steelhead.

My 10lb steelhead from the Upper Rogue today

Not the chrome I was searching for, but still some nice fillets for the BBQ. I kept fishing until 4 and finally called it quits after going 1-3 for the day. There weren’t any springers hooked while I was up there, but I did see at least 1 roll.

There have been recent reports of springers getting caught in the middle river despite the high flows, so look for things to really take off in both the middle and upper river as it continues to drop and warm up. Hopefully I’ll find that elusive chrome soon.

Tight lines…..

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