XFactor Tackle Finds Chrome

Yesterday Jeff of Xfactor Tackle got a hold of me and told me he had a few things for me. When I got home from work I found the goodies he had left and decided to hit the river this morning to give them a shot.

I met a couple of my friends on the Upper Rogue this morning a little before legal fishing time. After tying up we were counting down the minutes until we could start fishing, and the anticipation started building for that first cast. When it finally reached that time we all cast out and it wasn’t too long into the drift and my rod buried. After a powerful fight I landed the first springer of the day and it was a nice 23lb fish.

After that fish I decided to give the egg clusters a go that Jeff had dropped off the night before. While I was re-tying things were pretty slow. One of my friends caught and released a steelhead, but there weren’t any other springers hooked. I decided to move down the hole a little ways and try a spot were no one was fishing.

It didn’t take too long to hook into my second fish of the day, this time on the Xfactor egg cluster.This fish didn’t quite have the power of a springer, and I ended up catching and releasing a nice late winter steelhead. After checking my hooks and leader I started fishing again, and it wasn’t 10 mins after the steelhead that I hooked up again. This time it had plenty of muscle, and after bringing it into the net I was done for the day with a nice limit of springers.

Thanks Jeff and Xfactor Tackle for helping me find that limit of chrome I had been looking for.

If you are looking for soft plastic baits you’ve got to give the Xfactor line a try. They’ve got something for you whether you’re fishing for salmon & steelhead, bass, or trout. You’ll also be supporting a local company at the same time.

Overall fishing was pretty slow on the Upper Rogue this morning. There was only 4 springers caught in the hole we were fishing. There are still quite a few winter steelhead around, but the run is almost over. Look for fishing to do nothing but continue to get better as the month goes on. There are still a lot of fish being caught in the lower river so it’s looking like we’re in store for a decent run this year.

Tight Lines….

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