Starting The Addiction

Starting the addiction early

Happy Father’s Day everyone. I hope you all get to spend a little time with your dad or son today, and hopefully get to wet a line with them.

Ever since I was a baby I’ve going fishing with my dad. Even before I could walk, my mom and dad would take me along to the river while my dad salmon or steelhead fished. As a little kid I grew up in Lake Quinault, Washington, which is in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula, and a steelhead and salmon fishing mecca. I pretty much grew up on a diet of salmon and steelhead.

My dad & I with an Olympic Peninsula steelhead

It wasn’t until I was 14 though that I caught my first salmon. We were fishing with my uncle on the Chehalis River in Washington for fall kings. At the time all I had was a 6’6″ medium trout pole, so when I hooked into the 14lb king the battle was on. It was a 2 hour fight that required numerous maneuvers and rod hand offs between my dad, uncle and I to get around a downed tree in the middle of the hole. I’ll still never forget that epic fight and finally pulling the tired fish up onto the beach while having the spinner fall out of its mouth as my uncle tailed it.

That was the start of an addiction that still lasts to this day. So thank you dad for getting me into this great sport. Who knows what I would be doing instead if you hadn’t gotten me into it.

I hope the rest of you have great memories of time spent with your dad as well, and Happy Father’s Day once again everyone.

Tight Lines….

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