Sun 1 – Me 0

Yesterday I didn’t have to work until 5pm so I decided to enjoy the sun and head out to Agate Lake. Lately the fishing has been fairly good for crappie, but I’ve also been going in the evenings.

I got out there around 10 and started fishing my way along the lake. As I was making my way down I was greeted by these two young bucks who decided to follow the trail behind me.

I made my way down focusing mainly on bass using a texas rigged 6in lizard. It only managed to scrounge up a couple small dinks, but I did manage to break off my 30lb braided line on a hook-set (reminder to self to check my line at least once a day).

Crappie fishing was a little better but not by much. It wasn’t a fish every cast like it’s been, but it was fairly constant action. All the larger fish seem to have moved out deep already as the average size was down considerably. Hopefully the rest of them will stay in shallow to provide at least a couple more weeks of good fishing.

An average crappie for the day
The two bucks still following me

After fishing Agate I headed out to Hoover Ponds to see how it was. Let’s just say I should have stayed out at Agate lake for a little while longer. All the sun lately has made the weed beds take over the lake. It is almost impossible to fish anything that isn’t under a bobber or top water.

Overall, it was a nice day spent outside. The battle with the fish was pretty dead even, however I was definitely on the losing side of the battle with the sun. Today I am paying the price of being outside and on the water with some extremely burnt arms. I guess that’s a small price to pay for a day fishing.

Tight Lines….

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