And The Winner Is… Salmon

In my post yesterday: Oh the Dilemma… Steelhead vs Salmon I talked about the choice I had for fishing today. Well after writing the post I talked to my dad, who wanted to go with me, and ended up having him make the decision. When we left the driveway this morning we took a right, and went to the Middle Rogue after some early fall salmon.

As luck would have it, we probably made the wrong decision. We fished a little higher than where the reports have been coming from, but I thought we would still have a chance. When we got down to the river the water level was higher than I’ve ever seen it for this time of year…even though I knew it would be. It eliminated a lot of the bank spots, but we still managed to find a couple rocks to stand on.

We fished most of the morning tell the sun hit the water, and then decided to call it quits. Neither of us had hooked a single thing, and we only saw a couple salmon roll. There may be a few fish there, but not quite enough yet to warrant the drive.

Even though fishing was slow it was still nice to get out with my old man. We had a great blue heron, that was way too friendly, follow us around all morning, and there were two osprey hunting for breakfast. It’s always nice to get outside and enjoy the wildlife even if it’s not the species you’re after.

So even though we may have made a wrong turn out of the driveway I can’t complain too much… A day fishing is always better than a day at work.

Tight Lines….

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