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The sun is beating down on the valley and that means more and more people are going to be hitting the lakes to cool off. With increased boat traffic it’s very important that everyone knows the rules of  the road water. That’s where an Oregon Boaters License comes into play.

Boat numbers & running lights….amazing

Whether you’re out on a relaxing fishing trip, or taking the inner-tubes for a spin, being safe will make the day much more enjoyable. If you own a boat with a motor over 10hp it is required that you have the license in Oregon. Even if you have a smaller motor, or no motor at all, it’s still a very good idea to get your license. Knowing the rules, and what different signs mean will make it a safer trip for yourself and everyone else out enjoying the lake or river.

Getting your Oregon Boater Education Card online is easy thanks to their study guide is fully narrated and animated so even if you’re a visual learner you’ll be able to pick things up quick. You can study as much as you want for free, as you only have to pay for the card after you pass the test.

Making the waterways safer is in everyone’s best interest and getting your Boater Education Card is your part in that. With safer waterways everyone can have a more relaxed and enjoyable day out on the water.

One last thing…Please be sure to slow down and be courteous to your fellow boaters. I’m often out in my float tube or raft, and while I haven’t had any close calls yet, I have had problems with wakes. All it takes is paying attention to your surroundings and slowing down when you see small crafts.

Have a fun and safe time out on the water everyone.

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