Fall is Coming

A recent summer steelhead caught by guide Charlie Brown

Well July is almost over, and August is almost here. The fall fish are starting to show up down in the Rogue Bay, and before we know it the leaves are going to start turning colors. Fall is a great time here in the Rogue Valley and there are plenty of fishing opportunities. Here’s a few things to look forward to next month…

Upper Rogue – Begining August 1st the Upper Rogue closes to salmon fishing above Dodge Bridge. Steelhead fishing remains open, as well as salmon fishing below Dodge Bridge. There will be plenty of summer steelhead around and these are very aggressive fish this time of year. Spoons and spinners are a bank fishermans best friend, but drifting corkie and yarn combos or small egg imitations through tail outs will also produce plenty of fish. If you’re fishing from a boat small plugs are an excellent choice, and will also produce a salmon or two if you’re fishing below Dodge Bridge. If you’re a fly fisherman bead headed ugly bugs, or egg sucking leaches with an egg imitation dropper are the best choices. If you’re after salmon there will still be a few bright fish below Dodge Bridge, but most will be starting to get pretty dark. Fish the deeper holes with eggs or kwik fish.

A big fall salmon caught last year with guide Rob Yuen

Middle Rogue – More people are starting to fish this section, but the river is going to remain high until September. There are late springers and summer steelhead moving through currently, and the first fall kings should be showing up in the Galice area the first or second week of August. August can be a very hit or miss month for fall salmon in this stretch, but the fish you do find will all be chrome. Both eggs and kwik fish will produce fish, however, the pikeminnow’s and weeds will both be bad, so it’s up to you which one you’d rather deal with.

Lower Rogue – With the summer heat finally returning, the upriver bite has turned off, and most people are focusing on the bay. August typically produces some excellent catches of some very large fish. Trolling a Rogue Spinner Rig with a whole anchovie is the go to bait, but straight spinners will also produce fish. With the high flows this year be sure to watch the river temperatures. If we get some cool days you may want to try fishing just upstream of the bay as the fish will be moving up river. If we continue to get hot weather trolling the bay will continue to produce the most fish.

XFactor Tackle Contest Almost Over…

The contest by XFactor Tackle is almost over as well. You’ve got just 5 days left to catch a fish and post it on their Facebook Page. If this is the first you’ve heard of the contest head on over to my post: XFactor Tackle – $100 Gear Giveaway for the details.

Tight Lines….

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