Gear Review: Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

I’ve been a braided line convert now for around 5 years. Ever since I first put it onto my salmon reel I’ve converted all of my reels over to it except for my light trout poles. Up until this point I have been using Power Pro exclusively as it always comes highly recommended here in the Northwest for salmon and steelhead.I’ve gained extreme confidence in it and have landed many a fish with it.

Recently I was given an opportunity thanks to the Outdoor Blogger Network and Rapala to try out a new line in Sufix 832 Advanced Braided Superline.

I haven’t had all the time I’ve wanted to try out the line due to high water, but have been giving it a pretty good beating recently. I’ve got it spooled on my Abu Garcia Revo SX baitcaster, and have been using it drift fishing and tossing spinners for spring salmon and steelhead. I picked 30lb test as that is the same size of Power Pro that I have used in the past, and I would be able to give it a fair comparison.

What I like:

  • ¬†Casting Distance – This line is extremely limp and smooth which equates to great casting distance. I was able to toss light spinners across the river with ease with this line right out of the box. With Power Pro it has a breaking in period before it casts smoothly.
  • Coating Doesn’t Flake Off – My biggest complaint with Power Pro is that the coating flakes off rather fast. With the Sufix 832 the coating is still on the line after all my testing. The color has faded somewhat, but my reel hasn’t turned green like it does when using Power Pro.
  • Abrasion Resitance – It has performed equally as well as Power Pro so far in abrasion resistance. After a few snags it starts to show some wear around the swivel. I’m usually pretty lazy and don’t retie unless it starts to get really bad. The Sufix 832 has held it’s strength just as well as Power Pro after starting to show so wear.

What I don’t Like:

  • Wraps Around Rod Tip Easily –¬† In my limited testing so far the Sufix 832 has had a pretty high incident of wrapping around the tip of my rod, especially when compared to Power Pro. This so far has been nothing more than a small nuisance, but could possibly cost you a fish if it happens at an inopportune time.
  • Price – The Sufix 832 runs $19.99 for 150yds compared to $16.99 for Power Pro. It’s a small difference, but in today’s economy every dollar counts for a lot of people.
A recent springer caught using the Sufix 832 line

Overall I am pretty impressed with the Sufix 832 Advanced Superline. The salmon and steelhead fishing here in the Northwest is ruled by Power Pro and Tuff Line, but I can see the Sufix 832 converting people over as word starts to spread about it. I’ve already gained confidence in it after beating it to death for hours on end drift fishing for springers. It’s been my mainline for all the recent springers I’ve caught, and hasn’t had a hiccup yet. When the time comes for my other reels needing new line I will be switching them over to the Sufix 832 line.

Disclaimer – The Sufix 832 Advanced Superline reviewed in this post was provided by the great folks at the Outdoor Blogger Network. I was provided the line free of charge to give an honest opinion and review. Southern Oregon Fishing is in no way affiliated with Sufix/Rapala VMC Corp. and was not compensated in any way for this review.

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Tight Lines….

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