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Google is on their way to taking over the world, and a month ago they unveiled they’re attempt at a social networking site…Google Plus.

If you pay particular attention to detail you may have noticed the new Google Plus icon over on the right yesterday. Yep that’s right I’ve given in and now have a profile up: Southern Oregon Fishing on Google Plus.

If you haven’t heard about Google Plus it’s very similar to Facebook with a few exceptions. Instead of sharing what you post with everyone you’re friends with, Google allows you to set up “circles”. You can put your friends, family, fishing buddies or what ever you want into separate groups. This allows you to share that epic day of fishing you had with only your closest friends, or that 50lb king salmon you caught with everyone you know. It’s your choice and Google makes it easy with circles. The other new thing they are introducing is “hangouts”. In a hangout you can have a video chat session with any of your friends all in one place.

It’s yet to be seen if it will be a “Facebook killer” as it’s not officially open to the public yet. However if you are wanting to try it out, anyone that already has an account can send out unlimited invites, so just ask.

So be sure to check us out over on Google Plus if you want to see even more photos and reports. Also, if you’re wanting an invite send an email to and I’ll shoot you an invite.

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5 thoughts on “Google Plus

  1. I’ve been on Google+ for a while now, and it’s pretty interesting to see what they’re doing with it. I’m just wondering how long they can keep all the hype about it, because it’s starting to die down already.

  2. Meh, there’s currently like five of my friends using google+, whereas there’s more than 150 using facebook.
    Maybe google+ will turn out to be better, I don’t know yet.

  3. I’m already on G+. I like it, I can’t wait for it to open up properly so that more of my friends are on it. It’s a lot sleeker and cuts out a lot of the crap Facebook has that I don’t use, but doesn’t go as far as Twitter and remove everything… a good balance between the two!

  4. it will eventually surpass facebook for many reasons, first of all what people like the most about google services is their simplicity, simple things are better, easier to use and more comfortable, in the meanwhile FB is doing more and more unnecessary changes that makes everything even more complicated, and thats just one reason

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