Heat Wave

The heat wave that has been affecting most of the US finally hit us the last couple days here in Southern Oregon. To escape the heat my lovely girlfriend and I headed to Applegate Lake for a day of swimming. With her encourgment I brought along the fishing poles since we were going to be up there all day.

After swimming for awhile we started driving around the lake, and found a pretty fishy spot. I tied on a crankbait that looked very similar to a crawdad and started casting away. It didn’t take long before I finally felt that strong pull of a smallmouth bass. It wasn’t a monster fish by any means, but still put up a great fight on light tackle. After that fish, the heat was too much to handle, so we went back to cooling off in the lake.

If you’re beating the heat and cooling off at a local lake or river be sure to bring your fishing pole with you. The forecast is calling for some cooler days this week, but the summer isn’t over yet and the heat will be back. Taking a quick break from swimming can produce a fish or two even during the middle of the day.

Tight Lines….

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