Oh the Dilemma… Steelhead vs. Salmon

Work has been a little busy for me lately. Last week it had me working 10 days in a row, and this week my only day off is Sunday. With only one day off to go fishing I’m presented with quite the dilemma…steelhead or salmon.

If I choose salmon I’ll be heading down below Grants Pass on the middle Rogue. Typically the fall run of salmon doesn’t reach this section tell mid August, but I always make an early trip or two to see if there’s any around. Normally I’m the only person out fishing during my early season trips, but every once in awhile I luck out and find an early fish. This year though, there’s already rumors of fish around. To top things off when I checked my email this afternoon I had a picture waiting in my inbox from guide Rob Yuen of an early king that he caught today.

The picture that is teasing me in my inbox today thanks to guide Rob Yuen

In the back of my head I keep thinking that it’s only July, but I know this high water has the fish moving up fast. Is it worth spending the day targeting them? I guess there’s only one way to know, and that’s to go fishing for them.

If I choose steelhead I’ll be hitting the Upper Rogue. There are a lot of fish around, but there will also be more of a crowd. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day of salmon fishing in the upper river so there will still be a few of the rippers out after them. It will be much harder to get a prime spot, but if I do it will almost be a guaranteed fish or two. They are also my favorite fish to hook into with their acrobatic displays. I’ve also got some prototype baits from Jeff at XFactor Tackle that I’ve been itching to try.

The prototype shrimp tail baits from XFactor Tackle

So what do I choose? Do I turn right out of the driveway in the morning and go after some big, early fall kings, or do I take a left and chase those steelhead that turn into chrome rockets when hooked? I guess I’ll have to sleep on it and pack the tackle bag for everything. Hopefully I’ll decide by the time I reach the end of the driveway…

Tight Lines….

3 thoughts on “Oh the Dilemma… Steelhead vs. Salmon

  1. @Anon – It’s hard to tell by the picture. The fish is in the shade and it doesn’t look like a flash was used. The fish still looks fairly bright and most of the springers are very bronze now. I’d say fall fish just by where it was caught, but there is a possibility it’s a late springer.

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