Rogue Report 7/22

With the recent showers flows out of Lost Creek Reservior have jumped up to 3200cfs. That’s around 1000cfs higher than normal flows for this time of year. Because of that the fish are hanging out in spots you normally wouldn’t find them.

90lbs of late springers thanks to guide Don Grieve

Upper Rogue – There are still plenty of late springers and summer steelhead around. For springers the best section has been from Dodge Bridge down. Retention of wild springers is open in this section and wild fish is about all you will find now. Lots of big fish have been getting caught on both roe and kwik fish. With the high flows the fish are on the move though so if you aren’t finding fish where you did yesterday it’s a good idea to run upriver. Summer steelhead have also been getting caught quite frequently. These high flows have them shooting upriver though, so target the inside turns of gravel bars and tail outs. These fish are highly aggresive and can be caught on just about anything in your box. Spoons, flies, and drifting bait are the most popular. As of July 15th 264 summer steelhead, and 4,134 springers have entered the hatchery.

Middle Rogue – This section of river continues to be a bust. The high flows have the fish shooting straight through it. There is a mix of summer steelhead and late springers moving through, so fish are present if you aren’t wanting to drive. Plunking with bait or kwik fish on the inside turns will be your best bet to get into fish. On a brighter note though, the fall kings should only be a couple weeks away due to the high water. Look for them to stay on the move though so fishing typical steelhead water will most likely outproduce traditional fall salmon holes.

Lower Rogue – The fish are not milling around in the bay at all this year. Instead the fishery is more like the springer fishery with boats anchoring upstream. There have been some very good reports though with boats averaging 4-6 fish a day. If you’d rather troll than sit on anchor there are fish to be had in the bay, they just aren’t hanging around like they usually would. Unless we have a hot streak in the valley soon your best bet will continue to be sitting on anchor upstream.

Have a good weekend everyone and good luck on the water.

Tight Lines….

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