Summer Doldrums

It’s that time of year again here in the Rogue Valley. After a long, cool, wet spring, temperatures are finally starting to approach the century mark on a daily basis. These hot days can really take its toll on the fishing as it pushes the fish deep and generally turns them off the bite. My Rogue Valley Fishing Reports are going to come to a crawl during this slump as reports slow down. However, there are some opportunities out there for anglers looking to get into fish.

Colby Pearson’s night caught bass

Bass fishing in the Dark

No that’s not a blacked out background in the picture to the right. That’s Colby Pearson with nice bass caught in the middle of the night. If you can stand to stay up all night, hitting one of the local lakes or ponds can pay off big. The best fishing generally occurs after midnight and lasts until around 3 or 4 in the morning. Fish in close to the bank using lures that create a decent amount of disturbance. Swimbaits or buzzbaits are very popular, but soft plastics can also produce fish. Black is generally the go to color as it creates the most contrast with what little light there is.

Evening Fishing on the Rogue

To beat the heat an evening trip to the Rogue River is the perfect getaway. The springer run is starting to wind down, but there are still fish around. The best bet however is to switch over to summer steelhead. The Summer runs are just making their way into the Upper Rogue, but with around 50 fish into the hatchery already it makes targeting them worthwhile. These fish are extremely aggressive hitting a wide variety of baits. You can catch them drift fishing corkie and yarn combos or bait, bobber fishing with jigs or flies, or tossing spinners and spoons. They also readily take to a swung streamer fly or a nymphed stonefly imitation with a single egg dropper if fly fishing is your game. Look for most of the fish to be hanging out in the heads of riffles or in the tailouts of deeper pools.

High Cascades Trout & Bass

The fishing is hot, but the temps aren’t. Diamond Lake, Howard Prairie & Hyatt Lake provide an excellent way to avoid the heat all together for a day of fishing. Both Diamond Lake and Howard Prairie are fishing extremely well for trout right now. Lots of fish in the 17-19″ range are being caught at both lakes. Power bait has been the bait of choice with chartreuse, corn and garlic flavors being the most popular. If you’re more of a troller using a ford fender followed by a piece of night crawler or frog colored Flatfish have been producing the best results.

If bass fishing is your game Howard Prairie and Hyatt Lake are producing excellent catches. Howard Prairie will produce some higher quality largemouth and smallmouth, while Hyatt will produce huge numbers of smaller largemouth.

Now that you know how to beat the heat and catch some fish get out there and let’s see some pictures. Be sure to check out our Facebook Fan Page and post your pictures and reports.

Tight Lines….

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