Hi my name is Steven, and I am a fishaholic…

Have you ever had one of those days where you didn’t decide until 11pm the night before to go fishing at 0 ‘dark 30 the next morning. When the clock strikes 3am you’re awoken from a deep, peaceful sleep by that annoying ringing of the alarm clock. You reach over, hit it until it goes off, and then roll right back over to go back to sleep. 15 minutes later you find yourself fully dressed, and gathering your stuff up to head out the door.

The addiction beckoned me, and not wanting to go through any further withdrawls, I hit the Upper Rogue one last time before it switches over to flies only.

I found myself sitting on the banks of the mighty Rogue River trying to tie up a couple of leaders in the dark. My cellphone provided the only light, but luckily I have tied up 100’s of leaders in this exact same situation.

I think it may be a sign that I have a problem…

The egg loops turned out perfect even though I could barely make out the outline of the hook and line. I probably could have done it without the cellphone, but the extra light helped with the uncontrollable shaking from the Monster I had just chugged.

I then sat there waiting for 5:30 to roll around. The time finally came, and I begin the monotony of casting over, and over. It wasn’t until around 6:30 that the monotonous stretch was finally broken by the feel of a fish. I set the hook, felt two head shakes, and then nothing. That was all she wrote for me the entire morning except for a couple of small trout.

Even though I didn’t get to fight a fish, the day still fulfilled that craving I had. I fear this addiction may be getting worse…

“God grant me the serenity to accept the size of fish I catch, the courage not to lie about it, and the wisdom to know that no one would believe me anyways.”

Tight Lines….

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