Gear Review: Berkley 7″ Fillet Knife

“If a product sucks I will let you know” That’s a quote from my disclaimer for my previous gear reviews. Unfortunately I’ve got one of those reviews for you today.

I’ve had two 6″ fillet knives since I started fishing for salmon. Both of them are from Rapala, and have finally gotten to the point where they just don’t hold an edge very well anymore. I was shopping around for a new knife and found what looked like a good one from Berkley for a decent price. It came with a sharpener, and I figured the 7″ blade would help with the larger fish.

First Impression:

After getting the knife out of the plastic it looked pretty good. It felt comfortable in my hand, and I was eager to see if the 7″ blade would make a difference in filleting larger fish. The sharpener was also a nice bonus as I could try and keep my other knives sharp. The blade felt a little too flimsy, but I wasn’t sure how that would affect the performance.


My Berkley fillet knife after only half a fish

After finally catching a couple nice springers I was able to give the Berkley knife a try. It cut through the first half of the first fish flawlessly. However, after removing the fillet I noticed that the blade was slightly bent. I then went to take the skin off the same fillet, which the knife did fairly well, but left more meat than I would normally due to the bow in the blade. The blade was also even more bent afterwards. I tried to lightly bend it back, but it just wouldn’t take its original shape. After a couple minutes of fiddling with it, the blade ended up snapping completely off. After only half a fish the blade was already in two pieces.

Overall I cannot recommend the Berkley fillet knife. The blade felt flimsy right out of the package, and showed that it was not up to the test of filleting a springer. The sharpener was a good bonus, but not worth buying the knife for.

Disclamer: Southern Oregon Fishing was in no way compensated for this review of the Berkley 7″ Fillet Knife, nor are we in any way affiliated with Berkley or Pure Fishing. The opinions in this review are mine and mine alone. If a product sucks I will let you know. In this economy a lot of people are on a tight budget and I don’t want to have anyone waste their money on an inferior product. 

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