Helping the Older Generation

It’s not often that I get to fish as part of my job. Working as a catering server is usually quite boring, and lack luster. However, this past Thursday I had the pleasure of working the Rogue Valley Manor fishing derby. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the Rogue Valley Manor is the largest retirement community in the Rogue Valley. Every year the Manor has its Summer Games, and the fishing derby is part of that. Typically it’s held at Quail Point Golf Coarse, but this year moved to Centennial Golf Coarse due to lack of fish at Quail Point.

Big fish of the day

Even though I was there to mainly serve food, quite a few of the residents didn’t have a lot of experience fishing. That’s where my skills ended up coming in quite handy.

As I was rigging one lady up she made the comment “Is that really going to catch a fish?” after I had just put a texas-rigged lizard on the end of her line. I told her that it sure would, and it wasn’t five casts later when she yelled that she had a fish on.

The whole afternoon was quite hectic. There was only two of us out here to help everyone, and the fishing was great. Fish after fish in the 15-16 inch range were being pulled in. For a hot August afternoon the fishing derby was quite the success.

I’ve said before that a bad day fishing is always better than a day at work. Well now I think a day of fishing as work is about as good as it gets. There’s nothing quite like watching the faces on those who you help get into fish.

Tight Lines….

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