Hogzilla the Salmon

I don’t have much actual content to write about today. The weekly fishing report will be up tomorrow, so to tide you over I’ve got a couple pictures of  hogzilla the salmon.

84lb king salmon
Another shot of the 84lb king salmon

The fish was caught off of Vancouver Island in Canada by a guide of the Queen Charlotte Lodge. The salmon measured 51.5 inches long, and 35 inches in girth which puts it at just over 84lbs. The huge salmon was released to continue on its spawning journey.

The fact that this hogzilla salmon was released is great for future generations. Kings of this size are becoming rarer and rarer every year. Even the mighty Kenai isn’t producing as many mega hogs as it used to. I applaud these fishermen and the guide for releasing this fish. A fiberglass replica will give them them the memories for much longer than any skin mount would have.

Now hopefully I can find one that comes even the slightest bit close to that fish.

Tight Lines….

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