Middle Rogue Fall Salmon

I love to help other people get into fishing. On Monday I shared one of my recent trips with helping people (Helping the Older Generation), and that same day I was out helping someone else.

About a month ago I received an email from an Alaskan fisherman. He had recently moved down here to Southern Oregon, and wanted to get into king salmon fishing on the Rogue. He had done a lot of fishing up in Alaska, but had been pretty disappointed down here so far. We were finally able to set up a time, and place to meet up and hit the river for a day of fishing.

Middle Rogue fall salmon

We spent the first half of the day just driving around, and checking out some of the popular spots. We spent a lot of time chatting, but never wet a line until the last hole. This spot is one of my favorite holes for fall salmon, and I knew it would be our best shot at hooking into a fish. When we arrived at the hole there was one guy walking out who said that there were a bunch of fish rolling, but nothing biting. With no one else in sight we had the entire hole to ourselves.

Jeff sat down to rig up and grab a bite to eat while I showed him how I like to fish the hole. It didn’t take very long to show him that there were definitely fish around, as on my fifth cast my line went solid and I set the hook. After a couple minute battle we had the 28lb fall salmon in the net.

Jeff was pretty excited to see that the Rogue River salmon may not be as elusive as he had started to think. I let him fish the spot I had hooked the fish in, while I moved a few yards down stream. We fished the same hole for the rest of the afternoon and evening, and got into a couple more fish. Jeff got his first bite from a Rogue River salmon, but was a bit rusty on the hook set. I was able to land one other fish which ended up being a nice hen. After a quick picture she was released to go do her thing.

A Rogue River egg barge released to do her thing

Overall it was a great day on the river, and I got to meet a fellow fisherman who’s welcome to come along anytime. Hopefully next time we’ll get you into your first Rogue salmon Jeff.

Both of my fish were caught on XFactor Tackle mini fluorescent pink egg clusters. As some of you may know I’m part of the Pro Staff team for XFactor Tackle. Their entire line of soft plastics have quickly become my go to baits for almost all of my fishing. I fish them because they work, and I’ve gained a lot of confidence in them. If you’re looking for some new artificial baits to try out be sure to check them out.

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