Record High

Ever since March I’ve been repeating over and over again about how high the Rogue River is. Well yesterday as I was aimlessly wondering around the internet, I stumbled across something that caught my eye.

Rogue River flows on Aug 3rd at Gold Ray Dam

According to the USGS river flow site the Rogue is currently at a record high since recording began 105 years ago. That should put it in perspective for any of you who haven’t been able to visit the river recently. The Army Corps is going to keep flows the same for the rest of the month, before finally starting to drop them by 100cfs everyday in Sept. The flows will normalize by the end of Sept, and then be staying around 1000 cfs.

There are two reasons for the extreme high flows this year. The first is due to the huge snow pack we have. The wet, cool spring dumped a lot of snow in the mountains, and all of that has been melting with the warm weather of summer. The other reason is due to problems with the winter flood control gates on Lost Creek Dam. If the lake were to raise and put pressure on them it could possible cause a catastrophic failure. To make sure this doesn’t happen the Corps is drawing the lake down 7ft lower than normal, and has had to be more aggressive with the outflows as a result.

Don Grieve with a limit of late, chrome springers

It’s yet to be seen exactly what this will do to our fall salmon season. Currently the high, cool flows are keeping the late springers in amazing condition. I’ve been seeing pictures daily from guide Don Grieve who has been putting clients into plenty of chrome.

The fall fish had been shooting upriver, but seem to be holding in the bay finally. If you are looking to hit the middle river for some fall kings there are fish around. They likely won’t be holding in typical fall salmon holes though. Fishing water that you would normally target steelhead in may produce more fish, as the salmon are going to stay on the move until the water starts to drop. Bank fishing will also be difficult as many of the rocks and bars that we stand on are currently under water.

Tight Lines….

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