Rogue Report 8/5

Despite the record flows that I talked about yesterday, fishing is good river wide. Whether you’re wanting to make the drive over to Gold Beach, or stay here in the Valley, you’ll find plenty of fish to satisfy your craving.

A large, late springer caught by guide Don Grieve

Lower Rogue – The bay has finally really turned on after being mostly unfishable due to wind. Fishing has been great the past couple of days, but with the increase in fish, the number of boats has also increased. Rogue Bait Rigs with an anchovy are the most popular baits, but don’t be afraid to have at least one rod out with a spinner. Green/green and green/gold combinations are the most popular blade colors for both. The overcast skies we have this morning in the valley will most likely have the fish moving up river, so the bay could slow down for a day or two. If the bay is slow, running upriver and anchoring could save you from getting skunked. Half pounders, as well as adult steelhead, have started being caught so evening trips targeting them will also be worthwhile.

Middle Rogue – The high flows have early fall fish into the Galice area already. The weeds aren’t nearly as bad as they typically are so kwik fish will be easier to fish than roe. Bank fishing will be difficult until September due to most of the popular spots being under water. There are a few spots to stand though, and until things get crowded you should be able to find a rock to stand on. Summer steelhead are also present so using a k11 kwik fish wrapped with a sardine fillet will give you a shot at them as well as fall salmon.

Summer chrome thanks to guide Charlie Brown

Upper Rogue – There’s still plenty of late springers in the lower part of the Upper Rogue, as well as in the upper section of the middle river. Fishing is closed for salmon above Dodge Bridge. A lot of the fish are still in amazing condition for this time of year, and are still worth targeting. Kwik fish or roe will both produce fish. Summer steelhead fishing is still very good. The high flows are making it difficult for bank fishermen, but both boats and bankies are catching fish. If you’re fishing from the bank throwing spinners or spoons in the riffles, or drift fishing tail outs will help you find fish. From a boat small plugs have been outproducing everything else, although side drifting can also be a good bet. As of July 27th 508 summer steelhead, and 4,685 springers have reached the hatchery.

Tight Lines….

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