Southern Oregon Fishing Report 8/25

The hot temperatures have slowed the fishing, but if you can stand the heat there’s still fish to be found.

Salmon & Steelhead

Summer Steelhead by guide Charlie Brown

Upper Rogue – Summer steelhead fishing continues to be fairly good. The hot days are making mornings, and evenings the best time to hit the river. If you’re out for a swim though, making a few casts never hurts. Boats are still doing best with small plugs, but are also picking up fish side drifting. Bankies are fairing best drifting tailouts, and throwing hardware in riffles. A few salmon are still being caught below Dodge Bridge. Beginning Thursday Sept. 1st fishing switches over to flies only from the hatchery down to the old Gold Ray Dam site. Anglers are allowed to fish flies under a bobber provided that no additional weight is attached. Fishing for salmon also completely closes which includes catch and release. Over a 1000 summer steelhead have already reached the hatchery this year.

Pikeminnow problem…

Middle Rogue – Fall salmon fishing has been fair to good depending on who you talk to. Boats are finding quite a few fish especially in the early morning. Side drifting roe has been extremely productive, and kwik fish have also been catching fish. The pikeminnow have been a problem, but anglers are still finding fish despite this. Bankies have largely been struggling to find fish. The high water has some areas unfishable, but the fish are still there. Roe imitations such as the XFactor Tackle egg clusters have been the most effective. They allow you to continually fish despite the pesky pikeminnows. Outflows from Lost Creek Dam have started to drop and are currently around 2700cfs. Flows will continue to drop, and should be to more normal levels by mid-September.

Lower Rogue – Fishing has been spotty the last week. Fall salmon continue to be caught in both the bay and just upriver, but neither is extremely hot. There have been 1-2 hour periods of great bites in the bay, but other than that it can be on the slow side. Rogue Bait Rigs continue to be the top producer, with spinners a distant second. The Huntley Bar Seine numbers have the run very slightly behind the 10 year average, but ahead of the last couple years. Half pounders are showing up but are still far behind the 10 year average. These fish are extremely aggressive, and the best ways to catch them are drifting night crawlers, throwing Panther Martin spinners, or fly fishing. No silvers have shown up in the counts yet.


Diamond Lake – Limits are still being found, but fishing has slowed down a bit. The water is extremely clear, and when adding the hot temperatures on top of that, the trout are skittish. Fishing has been best in the south end during the early morning, and then moving out to 20-30ft of water as the day goes on. Power bait has been the top producer.

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