They’re Here!

The shrimp tails in different colors

Have you been wondering when those amazing looking shrimp tail baits by XFactor Tackle were going to be coming out? If you’ve been chomping at the bit to get your hands on them the wait is over.

Jeff announced yesterday that the shrimp tails will become available for purchase starting tomorrow (Wednesday). They won’t be available in stores for a couple more weeks, but you’ll be able to order them from the XFactor Tackle website.

These baits will be great for both salmon, and steelhead. They can be drift fished, used behind a diver, plunked with a spin n glow, or on a prawn spinner. They can pretty much replace real shrimp any time you use them. They’ll be available in all the colors which means you can even get them in the “Grape Juice” color for those low, clear water times.

Shrimp Tail on a size 2 hook for drift fishing

If you’re hard on cash, or just want an extra pack to try out, don’t forget about our current contest going on. You can find the details here: Contest – Shrimp Tails.

Good luck to everyone that’s already entered the contest, and lets see some pictures of fish once you get your hands on some of these bad boys.


They are now available online. You can find them here: XFactor Shrimp Tail Teasers 

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