And the Winner Is!?

Our latest contest was quite popular and lots of you entered for a chance at winning the First Bite Jig’s Prize Package. Even if you aren’t the lucky person below, be sure to head on over to their website and give them a look. They make some of the best jigs on the market, and are also a local company here in Oregon.

So who won?


Bruce Epperson

Send me an email to and I’ll get them out to you right away Bruce. Thanks to everyone else that entered, and First Bite Jigs for sponsoring the contest.

In search of steel….

Yesterday I mentioned that I was hitting the upper Rogue during the afternoon in search of summer steelhead. I’ve written a lot about float and flies lately, but it’s one of the methods I haven’t given much time. I haven’t even caught as much as a trout using them.

Well that all changed yesterday. All though I didn’t find any steelhead, I managed to put a couple bends in my rod.

My first fish coming to a fly. Although small it let me know I was doing something right.

Second fish was a little jack salmon.

Even though no steel came to hand it was still nice to gain a little confidence in the method. Hopefully October will produce my first steelhead on a fly.

Tight Lines….

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