And The Winners Are…

Are you wondering if you were one of the 3 lucky people to win a pack of the XFactor Tackle Shrimp Tail Teasers?

Well the day is finally here to announce the winners. I’ve assigned everyone a number and thanks to I’ve got 3 random winners. The numbers it spit out are 19, 15, & 4. So who are the winners?

Isaac Miller, Howard Hart, and Philip Pelkey

Congratulations to the 3 winners.To claim your package of Shrimp Tails send an email to with an address for me to send you your prize. To everyone else that entered, thank you for your support. Its much appreciated, and keep your eyes tuned to our site for the next giveaway.

For the winners and anyone else that is wondering how to rig up the Shrimp Tails, be sure to check out XFactor Tackle’s new video.

Tight Lines….

4 thoughts on “And The Winners Are…

  1. Hey! Thanks! I just bought some of these too several weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to try them yet…hopefully next week though.

    BTW, is there something missing in the Email address you posted above? Couldn’t get it to go through on MSN or Yahoo! either one.

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