Cool Down

The weather has cooled down, and so did the fishing along with it. I was thinking that the change in barometric pressure would help to improve the fishing, but instead it has done just the opposite.

Middle Rogue summer steelhead

Thursday I hit my favorite hole on the Middle Rogue looking for some fall salmon, and brought along one of my co-workers. The temperature had cooled down dramatically, and we also had cloud cover the entire day. Unfortunately that didn’t do anything to help the fishing. We spent the greater part of the morning just practicing our casting. There were also very few other people, and no one was hooking up.

After just about everyone had cleared out, Andrew managed to save our day from being a complete bust. It wasn’t the big fall salmon we were after, but was a welcome addition to a painfully slow day. The little summer steelhead put up a valiant fight for its size, and also gave us a couple of aerial displays.

Fishing on the Middle Rogue has slowed down for everyone the past couple of days. Boats went from averaging 2-6 fish, to being lucky to even get one. On Friday however, things did seem to pick up a little. There appears to be a big surge of jacks, which are providing a little action for anglers. There was also reportedly a 52lber caught in the bay on Friday.

With the weather stabilizing, look for things to pick up a little for the last 2 weeks of the season on the Middle Rogue. If nothing else there should be plenty of jacks around to put some bend in your poles.

Big ‘Bow from Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is still kicking out steelhead sized trout. Angler Greg Juber of McMinnville caught a 7lb 10oz trout on Friday from the lake. It’s one of the largest fish caught there this year, but could easily be beaten this fall. October is a great month to fish the lake. The bugs are all but gone, the temperatures are cooler, and the fish are binge feeding for the winter.

Biologists believe that there could be trout as big as 10lbs currently in the lake. If one that large is going to be caught, look for it to happen this next month.

Tight Lines….

3 thoughts on “Cool Down

  1. @ Tony – That’s awesome. There’s definitely some big fish showing up now.

    @ Jeff – I’ve heard that, and it’s definitely true for springers. With the fall run the jacks seem to be more spread out, but I have a feeling this big push of them is marking the ending of our run up here.

    Although I don’t fish much generally in October, I’m still looking forward to getting out a few times.

  2. I have heard in the past that a big push of Jacks signals the end of a run. Who knows though, that could be a general statement that applies from time to time, I don’t think anyone on this side of eternity knows for sure.

    Bring on the Steelhead!

  3. The rumor of a 50lb fish in the Rogue bay is true. My friend Paul LeFebvre, had his good friend Lloyd Beadle & his son Darren from Henderson NV out with him for a few hours fishing when they connected with a 30lb fish. They thought they were doing pretty good with that when Darren’s pole buried itself & the fight was on.. After much dodging between other boat’s (why is it that no one gives you room to fight a decent salmon?)the net slipped under a mint bright superb 52½ lb beauty. The big king was weighed in at Jot’s & Darren is now the proud owner of a coveted 50lb pin.

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