Good and Bad on the Rogue

Just as the title suggests, things are both good and bad on the Middle Rogue currently. It all depends on how you like to fish, and whether or not you’ve got access to a boat.

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The Good

Fishing on the Middle Rogue has been very good for anglers fishing from boats. Limits of fall salmon are coming for those fishing both eggs and kwik fish. There are two different methods that are producing for anglers in the current high flows.

The first is to cover as much water as possible. That means either side drifting roe or pulling kwik fish through multiple holes. If you don’t hook up after the first couple of passes it’s time to move on.

The second way is to sit in one hole and wait for the fish to come to you. Back bouncing eggs through a productive slot has been producing limits over the Labor Day weekend.

The Bad

Bank fishermen generally aren’t catching anything more than a skunk on the Middle Rogue. The high flows have been severely hampering the fall salmon fishing. Those that have been catching fish have been targeting areas that the salmon tuck into to take a break from their migration. Those spots are typically behind rocks, and in close to ledges.

I spent a couple hours fishing the bank on the Middle Rogue Sunday despite having the flu. I managed to feel a couple tugs on the end of my line, but only saw one other fish hooked while I was there. There were surprisingly very few people fishing one of the most popular holes for this time of year. If you consider the fact that it was a holiday weekend it was completely dead.

XFactor Tackle egg clusters have given me all my success for fall salmon this year.

With flows dropping by 100cfs every day things should start to improve for bank anglers while only getting better for boat fishermen. Fish will start to hold up in the holes, and sit in more traditional holes making them easier to catch. By next weekend look for flows to be back to normal on the Rogue, and hopefully more salmon coming to hand for anglers.

Tight Lines….

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