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Southern Oregon Fishing is moving…well not the site, but yours truly is. Living out by Valley of the Rogue State Park, and working in Medford has finally taken its toll on us. Between gas, and only having one car it’s become too much of a pain to commute every day.

Over the next couple of weeks things may a bit slow around here. I’m not sure how long, or even if I’ll be without internet, but I’ll try and at least get the weekly reports up. This week I’ll also have the October fishing preview posted.

Once we get settled into our new place I plan on doing quite a bit with the site. One of the things will be to eventually have pages for all of the different places to fish around Southern Oregon. The pages will include how, when, and what to use for the various fisheries.

During this slow time you can stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. I update them almost everyday with photos from local guides and fishermen. Feel free to also share your own pictures and reports.

So until things get back to normal….

Tight Lines….

4 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Thanks Mel. We’re not looking forward to the packing and unpacking, but it will be nice to live in town again. Hopefully it will give me more time for fishing and writing.

  2. Moving? Not something I look forward to at all, anymore! However, the best to you and hope that all goes safely and well. Looking forward to what your fall blogging changes will bring.

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