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With bank fishing continuing to be tough on the Middle Rogue, I was lucky enough to have a trip scheduled with guide Rob Yuen of Secret’s Guide Service yesterday.

My dad’s first of the day

The day started out with my dad and I meeting up with Rob at o’dark thirty, and drifting down to his first choice hole in the dark. Rob got us all rigged up, and once it was light enough to see, we motored up to the top of the run and dropped our wrapped Kwik Fish down. 15 seconds later my rod started to bounce, and it was fish on!

A couple minutes later, and we had the first salmon in the boat. It was only a jack, but still an awesome way to start the day. We continued to pull Kwik Fish through the hole for awhile longer with out another sniff.

We moved upstream and decided to try and side drift eggs through a long, riffly stretch. The water looked great, and we even had a couple of bites, but no salmon were on the ends of lines. My dad did manage to catch a nice 15 inch native cutthroat, and I landed a beautiful 15 inch native half pounder.

After the quick start things had definitely gone down hill, but we remained optimistic. There were plenty of fish rolling in all the holes, and we were lucky to be part of a small bite where my dad picked up his first salmon of the day on a wrapped Kwik Fish. Rob continued to work hard to put us on fish as the day dragged on, but no matter what we tried, the fish just weren’t cooperating.

When we came upon the second to last hole, a few salmon rolled to make sure we knew they were there. We began to side drift eggs through the slot, and thoroughly cover the water. After a couple of passes my dad finally hooked into something that felt bigger than a squaw fish. It turned out to be another jack, but as he went to maneuver it into the net, the hook pulled. Having a little action, we instantly went back up to the top of the run to try and hook up again.

This time it was my turn…

Hooked up side drifting roe

We were using light rods, and 10lb test line, so I had to play the larger fish out. Finally after a long battle Rob slid the net under the fish, and we had our first adult salmon in the boat. It was a fun fight on such light gear, and a great way to conclude the day.

Middle Rogue chrome thanks to guide Rob Yuen

Overall going 3-4 on “scratch” fishing was a pretty good day. The conditions were tough, but Rob got us into fish non the less.

The final tally – 3 for 4 on fall kings

If you’re wanting to get out for a day of catching fall kings or winter steelhead on the Rogue, I highly recommend Rob. He’s been guiding in the area for 25 years, and definitely knows what he’s doing. Give him a call at 541.479.2296 to book a trip, and be sure to let him know that I sent you.

Tight Lines….

Our guide for the day – Rob Yuen

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