Southern Oregon Fishing Report 9/23

Fall is officially here, even if it doesn’t seem like it temperature wise. The fish, however, are definitely acting like it’s fall, and there are some hawgs being caught all around Southern Oregon.

Colby Pearson with an 8lb pig of a largemouth caught yesterday

Now that you’re drooling, on with the report….

Salmon & Steelhead

Lower Rogue – Fall salmon fishing continues to be hit and miss, but fresh fish are moving through every day. The Indian Creek hatchery fish have also started to show up. They provide bay anglers with late season fall kings, and can also be caught from the bank around the mouth of the creek. Coho are slowly showing up in better numbers. The run typically peaks the first half of October so now is a great time to head over to Gold Beach to catch a few. Rogue Bait Rigs, and spinners are the go to rigs.

Middle Rogue – Fall salmon season is in its final week. Fresh fish continue to show up, and fishing remains decent. Kwikfish and backbouncing eggs are the top producers. Summer steelhead are also present, and can be caught on spinners and yarn balls. As the salmon begin to spawn look for the steelhead to lay behind them picking off the eggs. Yarn balls soaked in scent can be extremely effective.

Fall salmon from the Coos by guide Rob Yuen

Upper Rogue – We’re now in the middle of the flies only season in the Upper Rogue which runs until the end of October. The springers are spawning which means the summer steelhead are keying in on the eggs. Single egg patterns, and orange or pink bead head ugly bugs are very productive this time of year. Target the tail outs, and riffles below spawning salmon.

Chetco – The first fall salmon have been caught in tidewater on the Chetco. Anglers are reminded that the mainstem Chetco River upstream of BPA powerline crossing at river mile 2.2 is closed to all angling including trout through Nov. 4, 2011. The ocean chinook bubble fishery also begins on Oct. 1st and runs through the 12th. This is a very productive fishery that produces salmon up to 50lbs.

Umpqua / Coos / Coquille – All three of these rivers are producing good catches of fall salmon. Anglers are finding fish in both tidewater, and the mainstem sections of the rivers.


Diamond Lake – The trout fishing at Diamond Lake is picking back up with the beginning of fall. Lots of large fish have been caught recently including one that weighed 7lb 10oz. The trout are going on a feeding binge before the lake freezes over, so now is the time to go before the lake closes on Oct. 31st. PowerBait and trolling are both producing fish, with still fishing slightly better. Target areas along the weed edge, but if you’re not getting bites after 15-20 minutes keep moving. The bugs are all but gone, with only a few stragler mosquitoes.

Tight Lines….

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