Steelhead fishing picks up on the Rogue

The fall rains that hit the area on Monday helped improve steelhead fishing on the Rogue River. Tuesday saw some excellent catches for those fishing the middle river between Gold Hill and Hog Creek boat ramp.

The best success came to those drifting small chunks of roe. Guide Rob Yuen’s clients brought 8 summer steelhead to the boat, including two hatchery keepers. That’s a great day on the river for anyone.

Guide Rob Yuen with 1 of the 8 steelhead caught Tuesday

The salmon are in full spawning mode which has the steelhead sitting behind them picking off the eggs. Fish the tailouts, and riffles below the spawning salmon to pick off the steelhead keying in on the eggs.

Small bits of roe, yarn balls, and plastic egg clusters will be the top producers. However, don’t forget to bring along the spoons and plugs as well. The steelhead will be quite aggressive, especially with the recent rain livening them up.

Look for the steelhead fishing to stay decent into November. Silvers should also start to show up in the middle river in the next week or two. Fishing for them has been very good recently in the lower Rogue, so hopefully we’re in store for a decent return.

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