I’d like to say thank you to all of you that follow, read, and support this site.

I started the site with the hopes of helping my fellow southern Oregon anglers get into a few fish, and it has grown larger than I had imagined. Along the way I have met some great people, and even made a new fishing partner. None of it would have been possible had it not been for this blog. I hope its helped at least a few of you get into a few more fish the past 8 months.

The site has also opened up new opportunities for myself. One of those is that I have joined the team. MyOutdoorBuddy is a leading source of outdoor news for Southern Oregon and Northern California, and I will be writing and editing for their Southern Oregon section. I will be focusing a lot of my attention over there, but don’t worry. I will continue to keep Southern Oregon Fishing up to date, although it may be a little less frequently.

Be sure to stay connected through Facebook, Google +, and Twitter. also has a Facebook Fan Page, so be sure to head on over there and give them a “Like”.

Finally I would like to extend a  personal thanks to the following people…

Jeff over at XFactor Tackle. You brought me onto your pro staff team early on, and we haven’t looked back. You make some killer soft plastic baits that have definitely helped me bring more fish to hand this year. It didn’t matter whether it was salmon, steelhead, trout, bass, or crappie. I killed them all on your baits. I still think the best part is that you’re a local company, and everything is made here in Oregon. Hopefully we can continue our partnership for many more years.

Rob Yuen of Secret’s Guide Service. You contacted me back while the site was still young, and I’m sure glad you did. I always look forward to your pictures and reports, and you have helped with numerous reports for the site. You also took my dad and I out for a great day of fishing on the middle Rogue (The Secret’s Out) which was a great treat. You’re a stand up person and guide, and you’ll always receive my personal recommendation for anyone looking for a guide.

Frank and the rest of the team over at You’ve brought me on as part of your team, and I can’t wait to see where things go. I think you’ve got a great thing going, and hopefully things will grow and surpass all of your expectations and goals. I’m definitely looking forward to writing for you.

All of the guides featured on my Need a Guide? page. Everyone of you has helped contribute to the site through pictures and reports. It’s always appreciated, and things wouldn’t be the same with out you.

You! Without all of you reading this, I’d just be sitting here talking to myself all the time. I hope you continue to enjoy all the fishing pictures and reports from our area.

Tight Lines….

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  1. Thanks Steven. Your feedback has helped us better our products and your success with our baits has shown lots of people that Soft Plastics aren’t just for bass. I consider you a very valuable member of our Team and we look forward to growing along side you.

    I look forward to watching your continued success as you expand to writing for Keep up the good work Steven, your articles are always good to read.

    Jeff Warner

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