Southern Oregon Fishing Report 12/3

I hope you’re all staying warm during this stint of cold, foggy weather. If you’re on the river fishing though, that’s probably not the case. If you’re trying to find something to tug on the end of your line to warm you up, here’s a look at how fishing is in our area…

Phil Tripp and friend with a double header on the upper Rogue

Upper Rogue –  Fishing for summer steelhead, and coho salmon has been decent from the hatchery down to Shady Cove. There are lots of fish in the area, but the 44 degree outflows have the fish lethargic. Afternoon trips can often times be more successful as it allows the water to warm up, and the fish to become more active. Boat anglers are producing the most fish with plugs being the top choice for both steelhead and coho. Those fishing from the bank have found less fish, but there’s still enough action to warrant the trip. Swinging spoons through the deeper holes have been producing the best.

Middle Rogue – Summer steelhead fishing has been on the slow side, but good enough for an afternoon trip. With the lack of rain, the steelhead haven’t moved up into the tributaries to spawn yet, which leaves plenty of wild fish for anglers to target. Afternoon trips have been the best, allowing both the water and fish to warm up. A few silvers are still present, but the majority of the run has moved into the upper river. Just like the upper river, plugs have been bait of choice.

Lower Rogue – The first winter steelhead of the season are being caught by those plunking on the gravel bars. Unfortunately with no rain in the forecast we won’t be seeing the first big push of fish for awhile. If you live on the coast, or happen to be in the area it might be worth a shot, but I wouldn’t recommend the drive over from the valley until we get a decent shot of rain.

Guide Scott Caldwell with an afternoon steelie on the upper Klamath

Chetco – Fall salmon season is pretty much over. With the lack of rain, the fish are all in spawning mode, and no fresh salmon are moving up. Guides have even started cancelling trips due to the lack of fish. With no rain in the near future things will remain the same. However, after we get a decent amount of rain, winter steelhead fishing should really rev up. There have already been a few caught, but extra water will draw the first big push of fish into the river.

Upper Klamath (Northern California) – Despite the cold weather, steelhead & trout fishing remains good below Iron Gate Dam. Afternoons are the best as the fish become more active when the water warms up. Night crawlers are producing the most fish, however crawdad plugs are producing the larger steelhead. It’s a short 40 mile drive south from Medford, so it is another opportunity for those wanting to catch some fish.

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