Bringing in the New Year

Is there any better way to bring in the new year than to hit the river? I didn’t think there was, so when my buddy Phil Tripp said he had an open seat yesterday I jumped on the opportunity. The plan was to hit the upper Rogue in search of that first steelhead of the year.

With the Rose Bowl happening a little later in the day we were greeted by a river void of other fishermen. It allowed us to hit the first holes hard, which are usually fairly crowded with bankies, and the opportunity paid off. We were less than an hour into the morning when right rod plowed down, and the fight was on. After a couple of jumps, and a decent fight, we had the first fish of 2012 to the boat.

This summer steelhead just couldn’t resist the k9x Kwikfish

The fishing definitely wasn’t hot, and we went a while between hits. The next opportunity caught me sleeping, but luckily Phil noticed the rod acting a bit weird. It wasn’t an obvious plow down, but when I picked up the rod there was a fish there, and it was game on again. Just like the take down, the fight felt weird, and we soon saw the bright red flash of a buck coho. He had completely wrapped himself up in the 5ft of leader making for a much different fight.

Another victim of the k9x Kwikfish
Showing off the amazing colors.

The rest of the day went by pretty slowly. We missed 4 other solid take downs that just didn’t stick for us. Despite that, it was still a very enjoyable day on the water, and a great way to start of the 2012 season. Phil did an amazing job behind the oars, and putting us on the fish. Despite this being his first year on the Rogue, he’s picked it up extremely fast.

Hopefully the rest of 2012 goes just as well.

Tight Lines….

4 thoughts on “Bringing in the New Year

  1. Nice fish, nice day. I don’t get down to southern Oregon often. Would love to try it there. Was on the Clackamas, Northern Oregon this week but here the steelhead are running a little slow yet. The rain will help. I’d love to catry for some of your fish too…

  2. I was thinking with the fresh rain, warmer weather and Rose Bowl that the fishing would be pretty good. I toyed with the idea of fishing Jan 2 as well, but decided to stay home and watch the game. It was a tough choice.

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