Birthday Steelheadn’

Is there any way better to celebrate your birthday than hitting the river and chasing winter chrome? Of coarse not, so that’s exactly what I did Monday. Although my birthday is today, I’ve had to work all week, so I had to cash in my present a few days early.

Monday morning Jeff, and I met up with guide Charlie “Steelhead” Brown, and headed north to the South Umpqua. The river had risen and colored up a bit during the night, but looked to be a perfect shade of “steelhead green”.

It didn’t take long for Charlie to get the celebration started. Two holes into the morning Jeff’s rod gets pinned straight down, and line starts to peel off the reel. A few minutes later and the first blood was in the boat.

A 31 inch buck starts the day off right.

Very next hole it was my turn. After having a reel screaming take down come off, we hit the exact same spot again. This time the take down stuck, and a chrome 30 inch hen made for an excellent early birthday present.

A perfect birthday present thanks to guide Charlie “Steelhead” Brown.

After the fast and furious start things slowed down. It wasn’t until we were near the end, that we finally had another hit. The great take down and subsequent jumps, were followed up by Jeff deciding to farm it off…well actually the large boulder may have had something to do with it. Either way the last battle was won by the fish.

All in all it was a great early birthday present. It was a good day of fishing, spent with some great company. We ended up going 2-4, and were lucky enough to find all keepers.

I highly recommend Charlie for anyone looking for a fishing trip in Southern Oregon. He not only knows how to put you on fish, but also makes sure you have an enjoyable experience. Even when things were slow, we were all smiles. To book a trip visit his website or give him a call at (541) 326-9486.

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